Epson L360 Download Free Driver

Epson L360 Download Free Driver
Epson L360

Download Drivers Printer Epson L360

When we work at home or office, everyone needs the same tool, which is an excellent multifunction printer in its work. Whether the printing process, scan documents or process copy several or hundreds of documents. At the time of this work, the presence of a printer that has all the features we really need to pump the job to make it easier to work with, moreover, the price and efficiency level is one of the most valuable factors when we are dealing with a tight budget. And apparently, the Epson L360 has all the criteria you need for that matter, so it deserves your worth considering as an excellent co-worker.

Epson manufacturers are known as popular manufacturers because they deliver excellent quality, particularly regarding printers. And the presence of Epson L360 is one of the evidence that this manufacturer is very serious to present the best quality with a meaningful economical side, especially for those of you who have a limited budget, but have a perfect calculated features. So, if you're looking for a multifunctional printer to complement all your work both at home and in the office, Epson L360 deserves your consideration. Let's look at a short review of the printer below.

Epson L360 is designed for a fairly small room, so this printer seems to be no problem if you have a simple room at home or office. With a fairly compact design, it weighs about IV. 4 Kg, length 48 cm, Height XIV. 5 cm and Width xxx cm. This printer design is quite compact and will leave a very meaningful trace for you to easily load the device anywhere, so that it can create an ergonomic work environment.

When you first deal with this printer, a black color is presented as a base of color, where it appears that this color is ideal to be placed anywhere. On the lid of the top hood, you will see a fairly simple scaner lid without any button present, since the buttons for executing various commands are on the front side with four main buttons.

It seems that it is intended to further simplify some of the previously presented buttons, moved ahead to the level of efficiency of users who want fast flexibility. For example, let's say you place a printer on the right or left side, you should not depart from a seat just to press a command button from this printer as to run multiple processes re-create the document or another.

Regarding the button, there are 4 main buttons on the Epson L360.

  • Power button: To turn the device on and off
  • Second button to the right of Power for re-create process with black and white base
  • Third button for re-create process with color base
  • The last button is a button to stop the operation, you can also use this button to run head cleaning (by holding down the button for three seconds)

Printer Epson L360 Driver 32bit


Printer Epson L360 Driver 64bit


Scanner Epson L360 Driver 32bit


Scanner Epson L360 Driver 64bit


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