How do I fix my Epson scanner Cannot communicate with the scanner?

How do I fix communication error on Epson l120? - The cherry-red calorie-free on at the Epson TX121 is an indication that an Epson TX121 printer encountered a general fault or service required. Therefore, to resolve the mutual mistake Epson TX121/TX121x, nosotros can simply reset manually, just what if the message appears/appears the required service must live done the printer reset procedure using the Resetter software.

How do I fix my Epson scanner Cannot communicate with the scanner?
Epson l120

How do I fix a scanner error Epson l120

How to reset an Epson TX121 manually reset the same thing every bit resetting the Epson printer in general. follow the the next step to resolve
  1. Turn on (ON) your Epson TX121 printer
  2. Open the scanner chapeau in addition to close the cartridge too brand certain the cartridge is inward our right position
three. Then plow off (OFF) the printer
iv. Turn on the printer past pressing together with belongings the quondam printer push until the cartridge place moves towards our left, so unloose the power button
five. The printer automatically does the cleaning caput and waits for a patch until it'sec finished then the printer isn't blinking once again

But if the ERROR message that appears is  "Service Required " Then the i to make is reset this Epson TX121 printer using a reset software.
Alright here the Resetternya software, which is a prerequisite to do a reset Epson TX121/TX121x General Error or Service Required.

Click Here to download Software Reset.